World Veterinary Congress in Barcelona

From 5 to 8th May, Barcelona will host the 34th edition of the World Veterinary Association Congress. This is the most important event in the trade and it is hoped that the world’s most renowned experts will come to Barcelona to share their impressions and improve their care of the animals.

Both pets and free-living animals require specific care to treat diseases, administer vaccines and generally maintain good health. Logically, science plays a very important role in the improvement of medicine and in this type of event the different advances that allow a better understanding of the factors that affect the welfare (and discomfort) of animals are put in common.

Veterinarians who love massage in Barcelona

Obviously, Barcelona is one of the most suitable cities to host an event of this nature. Their communication with different points of the planet is excellent and regular flights arrive at different times to balance agendas. In addition, in the days before and after the Congress you can take advantage of cultural visits or take advantage of the city’s endless leisure activities.

Filled in the spring, it is the perfect time to enjoy the good weather and the beach or the mountains. Take a swim in the water or stroll through the mountains enjoying the sun. If you prefer to relax and take a break, go to one of our centres and enjoy the most suitable relaxation therapies. Our masseuses are specialized in pleasing our clients with the best relaxing treatments.

Congress attendees will enjoy the best prepared speakers talking about current issues and future perspectives. Disease prevention has become one of the spearheads of veterinary research and there are more and more methods to prevent animals from feeling ill. Therefore, going to Barcelona is the perfect opportunity to learn from the best colleagues while there is the option of living a few days of disconnection to escape from routine.

For the experience beyond the Congress to be fully comforting, the care of our masseuses will be the icing on the cake. Don’t leave Barcelona without knowing the best massages in the city, as we are able to make you recover the well-being you deserve. Our treatments are the ideal complement to a trip, as they help you to get rid of all the stress of packing your bags, travelling to your destination, preparing everything for your return trip. A little relaxation won’t hurt to make your visit to the Veterinary Congress an experience to remember for a lifetime, not only professionally but also as a personal experience.

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