WOC 2018: ophthalmology and relax in Barcelona

Barcelona will host a new edition of the World Ophthalmology Congress from 16 to 19 June, the event that brings together the most renowned specialists in the world of ophthalmology. It is undoubtedly the ideal opportunity for the workers of the trade to share their views on the future of the profession.

It is the most eagerly awaited congress by ophthalmologists because it allows them to share all their impressions and facilitates their daily work. In addition to the typical lectures that exist in this type of event, the possibility of participating in surgical training courses will be offered. Undoubtedly, the best opportunity to have access to cutting-edge technology under the supervision of real experts. For those who aspire to use virtual sham surgery, the WOC 2018 is perfect for this.

How to combine massage with ophthalmology

As you can imagine, attending an event like this can be strenuous. Although the organization has created a very balanced and perfectly structured congress, the fact is that it lasts many hours over the 4 days, so it is essential to recover with a good massage. Barcelona is one of the reference points in the field of relaxation and our therapists will be delighted to help you recover your comfort. His skillful hands and knowledge of the human body are the ideal complement to make going to the ophthalmology congress the best decision of your life.

Throughout WOC 2018, up to 350 sessions are offered, focusing on specialties and real-world case studies. Cataracts, glaucoma, surgery…all the great fields of ophthalmology are analyzed here in detail, and even the possibility of joining symposiums in a more proactive way is offered.

Although much of society thinks that ophthalmology focuses solely and exclusively on vision, the truth is that there are many health problems related to poor eye condition. For example, diabetes has been shown to be one of the diseases to be taken into account when carrying out ophthalmological studies, as there is a more than proven relationship.

In order to make the most of a congress like this one, we strongly recommend that you hire the services of one of our professional masseuses. Just as ophthalmologists take care of the eyes, these therapists apply all their knowledge about the human body through muscle manipulation. It is an efficient way to reconcile with oneself and return to the state of calm and relaxation that every man needs. Without a doubt, the best way to complement your perfect stay in Barcelona.

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