What is a clitoral massage?

The clitoris is the only organ in a woman’s anatomy intended to provide pleasure as a sole function, it must be stimulated to ensure orgasm, with or without penetration.

The perfect stimulation of the clitoris can become a challenge for some and a frustration for women who are denied a good orgasm.

It is a technique that has come to end this situation, where its main objective is to focus on the clitoris to ensure a full orgasm.

How is the clitoral massage performed?

Although there are different techniques basically consists of exciting the clitoris through stimulation either ensure orgasm during the sexual act or increase pleasure during each encounter.

Although there are different techniques of clitoral massage must always take care of the couple at the time of stimulation, applying enough lubricant to allow an experience and pleasant, we must also remember the use of protection to perform these techniques either using the mouth or the virile limb.

It can be done with the fingers, no doubt this technique gives some freedom to the woman in case you want to armor a pleasure session to itself, can also be given by someone else.

Another technique of clitoris massage is using the mouth, helping the tongue and lips stimulating the entire clitoris, also seeks to massage the lips of the vagina to increase pleasure.

For this occasion is important to use a condom to avoid sexually transmitted diseases in case you do not know if your partner is completely healthy, you should take a condom and cut it in half, stretch and place it on the vagina of your partner, this will form a barrier that will protect you.

New technique for clitoral massage

Another widespread technique today is clittage, which is a type of clitoral massage which is performed using the erect penis of your partner, in some ways is a somewhat complicated but very original and creative technique within the sexual field.

For this technique the use of the condom is also recommended, this form of clitoral massage brings with it several advantages.

The first and most important is that the couple feels mutual pleasure, both she to be stimulated his clitoris and he who stimulates his penis.

It allows better lubrication by the woman by increasing secretions due to the pleasure they feel after stimulation, which helps the penetration is pleasant and not painful.

On the other hand gives the man more freedom to use his hands and explore other parts of the anatomy of his partner.

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