The relationship between sexuality and urogenital radiology

From 13 to 16 September, Barcelona will host the 25th European Symposium on Urogenital Radiology, an excellent opportunity to address the issue of sexuality from a medical point of view and its relationship to the urinary system.

Although it may seem a priori that it is not so related, the truth is that a full sexual life and ejaculation several times a week helps to prevent diseases and ailments that can affect the proper functioning of the ducts. This would affect health in general, but also the satisfaction of sexual relations, so the use of erotic massages is a good way of channelling energies thanks to the personalised therapies of our masseuses.

The importance of urogenital health

We do not want to overemphasize the importance of the urogenital system and its impact on the well-being of men. Therefore, it is expected that the Symposium will be very well attended and that some of the best specialists in the world will be there. Although everything related to the genitals has been considered taboo over the centuries, fortunately we are seeing a greater openness in recent times and there is no longer so much fear of sharing the problems in that area.

As it could not be otherwise, Barcelona will be the perfect host for people coming from other parts of Spain and abroad. To round off your visit to Barcelona, we recommend that you visit our centre to receive the most appropriate treatment for your needs at all times. The experience and versatility of our masseuses allow them to adapt to the needs of the client to leave him totally satisfied. If you feel that you are not 100% satisfied sexually, remedy it just as you would with discomfort in other parts of your body.

The organization of the event has been working hard for months on the preparation of a symposium that is expected to be very interesting for workers in the sector. It will take into account the latest advances in radiology, with the aim of providing attendees with new ways of studying and learning about everything that may make patients uncomfortable. At the same time, as in this kind of event, it is the perfect opportunity to meet new people or meet up with professional colleagues. This networking is much more entertaining in a place like Barcelona, and imagine putting the finishing touches to the cake by receiving an erotic massage at the same time.

In short, experts in urogenital medicine are anxiously awaiting the month of September to enjoy this symposium, which will once again shed light on one of the most important parts of the male anatomy.

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