The positive impact of massage

Most people suffer from different forms of postural stress and most of the time, stress symptoms appear on the shoulders and neck. Office workers are at greater risk. Pain or weakness in the lower back and buttock muscles caused by long periods of sitting causes more severe forms of postural stress.

Fortunately, massage can compensate for the imbalance caused by sitting. So you can keep his office job as long as he gets a regular massage.

Massage relieves muscle pain

Do your muscles hurt? Massage therapy can help. Massage increases and improves blood circulation, just like bumping your elbow against a table, rubbing it helps to relieve pain.

Massage improves sleep

Massage not only contributes to a peaceful sleep, but can also help people with sleep problems. Promotes relaxation and sleep in patients receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

And if you’ve just had a baby, you’ll be happy to know that massage can help your child sleep more, cry less and reduce stress, according to researchers at the University of Warwick.

Most licensed massage therapists can massage babies. If the parent wishes to massage the child himself, this is usually done naturally. There’s really no particular technique. Everything parents normally do to calm their baby will be effective.

Massage relieves migraines

Next time you have a headache, try to book a massage with our therapists. Massages help reduce the frequency and severity of tension headaches.

A study conducted by the University of Granada indicates that a single session of therapeutic massage can have an immediate effect on the pain perceived by patients with chronic headaches and tension headaches.

Massage stimulates the immune system

A study published in 2010 in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that massage increases the number of white blood cells, which play an important role in protecting the body from disease.

Massage is not insignificant because it involves a precise gesture, a physiological interaction with the person receiving the massage. However, always hire professional masseurs, or else you may be in for some negative surprises.

Energy massages take several exotic names depending on the technique used and their origin: they can be Thai, Korean or Ayurvedic… Relaxing massages are the most popular at the moment, but it is necessary to resort to good professionals to maximize the benefits of massage.

The pace of life to which we are accustomed is not the most beneficial for our body, so sometimes we have to resort to external help to regain physical and mental balance. Contact our masseuses and you will feel better than ever before.

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