Characteristics of a nice erotic massage

Becoming an erotic masseuse is a fantastic way to develop the knowledge of the human being and to evolve in an environment oriented towards others and their well-being.

However, this profession requires both personal qualities and real technical knowledge. Being an erotic masseuse is not something improvised and requires a deep knowledge in many fields: anatomy, gestures, knowledge of the contraindications, history and origin of massage.

Innate qualities and skills needed to be a masseur

Erotic masseuses come into contact with a clientele of women and men of all ages and backgrounds, whose needs and morphology can vary greatly. That is why adaptability is essential. Each client should be treated differently according to their problems and the purpose for which they come to the massage center, and thus benefit from personalized support.

The masseuse must also show a great sense of listening and empathy to “put herself in the skin” of the massager. A relationship of trust should be established to encourage deep relaxation induced by massage. However, it must be discreet, especially since it naturally creates a situation of intimacy, favored by the intimate contacts of an erotic massage.

The masseuse should not ask personal questions or meddle in the client’s private life, even if the client trusts her. Every practitioner of erotic massage must have developed human qualities inherent in the profession of masseur: it is about being attentive to others and anticipating their needs in order to provide a comprehensive treatment.

Every massage is rewarding, both for the masseuse and the person receiving the massage. The professional therapist experiences the satisfaction of providing comfort and/or relief to her client. Finally, impeccable presentation and an orderly appearance are essential, as well as impeccable hygiene. A courteous and respectful attitude is also appropriate and should be maintained in all circumstances.

A solid formation

Beyond personal skills, the masseuse must acquire a certain amount of technical knowledge. In particular, he must master human anatomy and physiology. The masseuse must be able to easily identify the muscles as well as the main joints and bones. In that sense, our therapists have all the necessary knowledge to make you live an unforgettable experience.

It is essential to understand the functioning of the human body and to know the specificities of each massage area. The masseuse must also be fully aware of the specific contraindications of each massage and the use of certain products, such as essential oils. Some massages should be avoided in pregnant or nursing women, people with circulation problems (varicose veins) or chronic diseases.

Finally, a theoretical knowledge of the different massages is essential, supplemented by practical training sessions. The masseuse must master to perfection the art of erotic massages that she wishes to propose to her clients to make them feel better.

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