29 de July de 2019

Gamper 2019: The perfect excuse for a massage

Any football fan knows that preseason tournaments are not really friendly matches. In the case of Joan Gamper Trophy, FC Barcelona fans are looking forward to […]
28 de February de 2019

Tantric massage: what is it?

Lovers of tantric massage barcelona are in luck because our professionals are eager to receive new customers and show them the beauty of this kind of […]
31 de January de 2019

Erotic massages for women

There are many women who do not dare to express what they really feel about their sexuality, so dissatisfaction is the order of the day and […]
31 de December de 2018

What is a clitoral massage?

The clitoris is the only organ in a woman’s anatomy intended to provide pleasure as a sole function, it must be stimulated to ensure orgasm, with […]
30 de November de 2018

Why nuru massages are so effective?

If you are looking for nuru massages in Barcelona , you are in luck because we have the best therapists in the city. We will help […]
31 de October de 2018

Where to find the best sensual massage?

Sensuality is an art and to get the most out of it, we recommend that you go to professionals. In that sense, Shiva masseuses are the […]
30 de September de 2018

4 Hand Massage – How is it done?

In our wide range of massages, one of the star treatments is the 4 hands massage. As you can imagine, the pleasure doubles and you end […]
31 de August de 2018

Characteristics of a nice erotic massage

Becoming an erotic masseuse is a fantastic way to develop the knowledge of the human being and to evolve in an environment oriented towards others and […]
31 de July de 2018

The relationship between sexuality and urogenital radiology

From 13 to 16 September, Barcelona will host the 25th European Symposium on Urogenital Radiology, an excellent opportunity to address the issue of sexuality from a […]