Barcelona will be the world centre of wireless communications

Barcelona will be the world centre of wireless communications

The IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (IEEE WCNC) is the world’s largest wireless communications event of the year. Wireless technology has become one of the most promising technologies on the market in recent years, as it is very useful both commercially and in terms of research. This event has been held annually since 2003 in countries as varied as the United States, Hungary, Mexico, Australia and Qatar, among others, but this year Barcelona will host the event from April 15 to 18th.

Without a doubt, the assignment of Barcelona as the venue is a safe bet, as not only does it have the ideal facilities to hold this type of conference, as the Mobile World Congress already demonstrates every year, but it also offers a series of leisure alternatives that will delight the attendees. In addition to the natural charm of the city and its enormous tourist attraction, it is worth mentioning that massages in Barcelona are highly valued. If you are one of those people who will come to the IEEE WCNC and want to disconnect for a while, never better said, there is no better company than our therapists.

IEEE WCNC and massages: the perfect combination

In a world that lives in such a technology-conscious world, human beings must be aware of how we were programmed millions of years ago, and it must be borne in mind that spending the day sitting in front of a computer or looking at the smartphone is not the natural condition. We therefore need to make a conscious effort to put this wonderful technology on hold for a reasonable period of time and to charge the batteries in another way, otherwise we will be physically and mentally squeezing ourselves beyond our means.

We do not want to detract from the value of communications and the IEEE WCNC, on the contrary. They represent a breakthrough that has greatly improved the agility to complete processes and jobs that previously required much more time. However, one of the dangers of technology is not knowing how to put it aside once it has fulfilled its function, and we are delighted to use it for recreational purposes as well. Although at any given moment they can help us to escape, it is not superfluous to resort to offline entertainment such as massages, where a more primitive and intimate contact between two bodies allows sensations that technologies have not been able to replicate for the moment.

Both technology and massage occupy a privileged place in Barcelona, so from here we encourage everyone to enjoy being able to connect and disconnect when they feel like it. Without a doubt, the balance between the most advanced technologies and ancestral massages is the best formula to live a full and comforting life in all senses.

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