The Best Erotic Massage in Barcelona

An incomparable environment where you can enjoy the best erotic massage in Barcelona.

Discover the Tantric Massage Pleasure


In Shiva center Massage you will find an exclusive atmosphere, where you can enjoy the best erotic massage in Barcelona. We have an extensive menu of exotic tantra massages and you can choose your perfect moment of relaxation and elevate your senses to a level of extreme pleasure and eroticism.

You only have to choose the massage you most like in our extensive menu of erotic massage in Barcelona, and our beautiful masseuses develop their professional experience in the body to body with a soft and delicate hands that will make the enjoyment of the most demanding customers.


Enjoy new sensations and pleasures in our erotic massage center in Barcelona

We offer different massage services such as interactive erotic massages or with erotic shower with the masseuse, 4-hand massage and even couples massage. Erotic massage for couples is intended for people who want to explore new levels of pleasure and want to enjoy an intimate relationship with their partner.

All our tantric massages can be enjoyed with one or two masseuses. We have female and male erotic masseurs available.

In addition to ensuring an atmosphere of harmony, respect and discretion, our facilities are located in one of the most privileged areas of Barcelona. We offer all our clients an exquisite treatment of privacy and we offer them all the necessary complements in any of our rooms. Your relaxation and comfort will be our priority.

We invite you to meet us and enjoy the most exquisite tantra massages in Barcelona.

Erotic massages are one of the most recommended methods to put the finishing touches on a hotel stay in Barcelona. When you take a break to disconnect from your daily routine, or simply when you come to Barcelona for a business meeting, it is not only good to change your environment but also to put yourself in the hands of professional erotic masseurs who know how to make you feel better both physically and psychologically.

Our masseuses are used to having men in their hands who need to relax and put their problems aside.

The fact of receiving us in your hotel room, increases the benefits of the treatment, since you don't have to move and when you finish you can stay totally relaxed in the bed of your room.

We are specialists in creating the perfect environment for relaxation and peace of mind, so our clients are fully satisfied.

We have years of experience providing pleasure and we manage to transmit a feeling of total relaxation. To increase your comfort, we come to your room so you don't have to worry about anything. Check out the erotic massages we offer in your hotel room and see that our erotic masseuses not only stand out for their hand skills but are also extremely sexy and suggestive.

To provide a high quality erotic experience does not work just anyone. At Shiva Massages we have women who have the talent as well as the professionalism and the desire to satisfy men, to make erotic massages an unforgettable event.

Although there is a wide variety of erotic massages available, we recommend that clients let themselves be guided by the advice of our professionals. Thanks to their knowledge of the male body, they understand what is needed at any given time and which therapies can bring the most benefits in the short and long term. Anyway, if you prefer, choose the type of massage you like the most, the masseuse you like the most and get ready to enjoy like never before.

Feel the pleasure of an erotic massage with the comfort of not having to move from your hotel. Shiva's masseurs will know how to treat you every moment and you will see that your body and mind are as good as new after a comforting therapy... What are you waiting for to make your reservation?